The Weinspire Conference 2.0 tagged “Changing the African Narrative; influencing transformation as youths” was a massive success with over 1,600 young people in attendance who were impacted by the mind-blowing sessions anchored by seasoned facilitators with amazing and inspiring stories. It took place at the T.I Francis, Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria on the 18th March, 2020.

We talk Excellence, don’t we? We do more than that! We walk our talk. We had a smooth run of the Weinspire Conference 2.0 with 30+ highly classed attendants and directors stationed at every point, everyone attending to their duties with utmost precision.

From our Guest Welcome team of seven (7) who attended to our guests straight from the Airport, to their hotel and to the Conference center.

Our Guest Speakers were seasoned Entrepreneurs whose businesses operate in and outside Nigeria. And with them, we had both one-on-one and interactive sessions.

At the Conference, we established our belief that there is so much untapped and unrefined value in the African Youth.

Our goal was switching the Narrative being “poverty, myopic vision, fear and seeing problems as just problems” to “a result-oriented, futuristic, seeing problems as value mindset”. At the roundtable, we had our Entrepreneurs discuss at length on how that mindset could be changed.

After the Conference, we had a transformation bigger than we imagined; various partakers picked up new projects- hard as it may seem and pursued them with tenacity after being fueled up at the conference.

It was an uncanny revolution. Unknown to us, we set grounds for participants to fight through the Corona pandemic coming. It was like their mind just opened up. They had the strength and capacity and foresight to see problems in their area, on the internet, capitalize on the problems by creating solutions to them and converted those solutions to marketable value.

Getting their stories after was a big reinforcement that we are inspiration to the youths and we did transfer values to the 1,600+ youths we had in attendance. But more than that, we saw Youths that built on the foundation we laid for them at the Weinspire 2.0 Conference; they had begun to expand knowledge and confront problems head-on instead of trying to circumvent them.

Several attendees attested to it being a defining moment in their Entrepreneurial journey. That was sufficient worthiness to us because all we want to do is influence the transformation for the African Youths and open them up so they can ride on that transformation. Safe to say, our goal of changing the narrative in the minds of participants to “a result-oriented, futuristic, seeing problems as value mindset” is being actualized exponentially.