The WEinspire Conference 1.0 was a propeller, a total package of inspiration and motivation for the participants. Our first edition of the WEinspire Conference was a great leap of faith for us and a huge motivation for us to continue. It held at the International Conference Centre, Landmark University, Kwara State on the 10th of April 2019.

You would think having a Founder who has run Competitions and TV shows would make it a no big deal. Kicking off the Weinspire Project was still a daunting task. But then, we had to ask ourselves; who are we inspiring if we ourselves can’t take the leap of Faith. So we took that leap and it was a bound.

Our two Guest Speakers; Ajiro and Fiyin Gambo came at us with all they got.

We had Fiyin talking about “The Nigerian Youth and Global Impact”. He had powerful relatability with participants. And Ajiro’s story kept us smiling as he walked us -despite his short stature- through his modelling career merged with his involvement in sales.

The entire team constituted of highly dedicated, loyal and people. Each individual was an expert in their field. And that’s the thing; it was our first time but we had an inspirational Maiden Conference because of the team.

And that remains our greatest Core Values; the power of relationships and leveraging on the power of Networking.