Masterclass you call it. We had different speakers taking their turns. It seemed as if each of the speakers were reaching into participants’ brains and turning the whirrs.

Wale Jana, the CEO, Sapphire Scents being the guest Speaker took the main session. We thought he was going to blow our minds away. We were wrong.

What did he do? He told participants all his failures along the way as an Entrepreneur from building a faulty business model to spending millions on billboards. He raised so much dust as participants were visibly perturbed. It wasn’t what they were expecting.

But in that moment, it got glaring that it was arguably the most dynamic Masterclass ever to grace Africa. No one comes up straightway to tell their failures. It takes a lot of courage for a successful entrepreneur to man up and tell their failures. He talked about his failures of over 5 years. That was 5+ years’ worth of knowledge and value he passed across in less than 3 hours.

And then telling his failures, participants already knew what works and what doesn’t in Entrepreneurship. There was no buttering up of his entrepreneurial story. He was as real as they come.

So No! Maybe we shouldn’t call it a Masterclass…It was far bigger than that. We’ve tried hard to find the best words to describe Master Entrepreneurs walking budding Entrepreneurs through their OWN failures and we can’t seem to find the befitting word. If we ever find the right words (or word clusters) to describe that experience, we promise to tell you.