E.E.N. Partners With Zenith Bank to Provide Exceptional Banking Services to Y.E.E.P. Participants Across Africa through the Z Money Program

The Elite Entrepreneurs Network (E.E.N.) is glad to officially announce its partnership with Zenith Bank in a collaboration to deliver financial services to our network of young Africans and budding entrepreneurs through the Zenith Bank’s Z Money Program as we empower and create a platform for young Africans, through the Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Project, to tackle basic economic problems through sound entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Project aims to raise, empower and support young Africans-with a zeal for entrepreneurship- through their entrepreneurial journey till they become ideal entrepreneurs and business leaders who can tackle basic economic problems with innovative solutions and transform the economies of nations through sound entrepreneurial initiatives. Our focus on youth entrepreneurship in Africa is spurred by our belief /valid assertion that the young African populace is indispensable in our journey of sustainable development and that the seemingly insurmountable socio-economic and socio-political challenges in Africa can be solved by young, innovative and indigenous Africans. Entrepreneurs represent the demographic with the most potential to create millions of jobs and revenue on the continent, breaking the cycle of poverty and catalyzing deliberate and sustainable economic impact.

Zenith Bank, a leading financial institution in the country, has been actively involved in delivering top tier banking services to Nigerians as well as contributing to youth development in Nigeria. The Z Money program is a financial inclusion service which has been adopted by the bank to extend their retail reach across all segments. This allows us to bring banking services/products closer to participants of the Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Project and acquire a wider customer base. This gives our participants access to unrivalled banking services, to manage their finances while navigating through our laid down entrepreneurship structures within the program. The collaboration between Zenith Bank and Africa’s fastest growing youth entrepreneurship network, Elite Entrepreneurs Network creates a feasible approach which will ensure that the best opportunities are made available to participants of our program.

Commenting on the partnership, the Lead director, Elite Entrepreneurs Network, Tunji Ojediran, stated, “The Elite Entrepreneurs Network (E.E.N.) since inception on 11th April, 2020, has raised, mentored and empowered up to 13,000 young entrepreneurs across Africa through our Entrepreneurship Programmes, while continuing to provide capacity-building, support, advisory and market linkages to thousands of young Africans. The Z Money program would further facilitate our vision to empower several young Africans and help us to provide them with excellent banking services for their businesses”.

Our beneficiaries are creating and growing trailblazing businesses that directly and indirectly create jobs and means of livelihood in their communities. They support all 17 Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and are committed to achieving the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Beyond this impact, We continue to advocate and propagate the more distinct and sustainable narrative of African youth entrepreneurship as the solution to unlocking the continent’s potential.