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Y.E.E.P. Alumni gets accepted into the Forbes digital accelerator program

About Y.E.E.P.

Welcome to the Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Project

We aim to raise and empower young Africans through entrepreneurship . Guiding and supporting them through their entrepreneurial journey, transforming them into business leaders who would transform the economies of nations through sound entrepreneurial initiatives.

We raise business leaders

We provide a platform for our young business leaders to exchange ideas on how their companies can contribute to sustainable economic growth, raising business standards and influencing social development.

We provide education for entrepreneurs

The new generation of entrepreneurs we breed will determine the future social and economic development of their societies. Our programs include mentoring by experienced mentors in entrepreneurship for our young entrepreneurs.

We transform economies of nations

We raise entrepreneurs who would tackle basic economic problems through sound entrepreneurial initiatives, giving them tools, support and the empowerment needed to build structures that would positively influence economic growth.

We are raising, educating and empowering 1,000,000 young African entrepreneurs within the next 10 years

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